Causative  Verbs

Pengertian Causative Verb

Causative verb adalah kata kerja yang digunakan untuk menunjukkan jika subjek tidak bertanggung jawab langsung terhadap aksi yang terjadi, melainkan seseorang atau sesuatu yang lain yang melakukan aksi tersebut. Pengertian termudahnya causative verb itu merupakan kata kerja untuk memerintah orang lain.

Causative terbagi menjadi dua yaitu causative active dan causative passive, dalam causative active objek atau agent secara spesifik akan disebutkan/jelas. Sedangkan dalam causative passive objek/agent tidak secara spesifik disebutkan. Umumnya ada empat kata kerja causative verb yang sering digunakan, yakni have, get, let, dan make.

Penggunaan Causative Verb

  Have merupakan kata kerja causative yang umum. Kata kerja ini berfungsi untuk menginginkan seseorang mengerjakan sesuatu untuk subjek. Rumus yang digunakan adalah:

Kalimat aktif
S + (Have/ Had) + Agent + Action Verb (Bare Infinitive) + Object

Kalimat pasif
S + (Have-Had) + Object + Action Verb (V-3)

  Penggunaan kata kerja Get mirip dengan have namun dengan struktur kalimat yang berbeda. Rumus yang digunakan adalah:

Kalimat aktif
S + (Get/ Got) + Agent + Action Verb (To Infinitive)

Kalimat pasif
S + (Got) + Object + Action Verb (V-3)

  Kata kerja ini berfungsi untuk membiarkan seseorang melakukan sesuatu. Rumus yang digunakan adalah:

Kalimat aktif
S + Let + Agent + Action Verb (Bare Infinitive)

  Kata kerja ini berfungsi untuk memaksa atau sangat meyakinkan seseorang untuk melakukan sesuatu. Rumus yang digunakan adalah:

Kalimat aktif
S + (Make/ Made) + Agent + Action Verb (Bare Infinitive)

Contoh Kalimat Causative Verb

Causative Active


1.     I had my sister take that glass
2.    Mr. John had Lillie check the paper
3.    I have him clean my clothes
4.    I have done already
5.    I have him repair my mobile phone
6.    Lenni had her friend take her result test
7.    The student had the teacher speak slowly


8.    Rasya got his father to buy a ball
9.    I get her to open the window
10.  I get you to like this explanation
11.   Marry got her parents to buy her a tennis racket
12.  The boy got his cat to chase a mouse
13.  The government got the bridge built quickly


14.  Wil you let me go now?
15.  She lets me drive her car
16.  My Mother lets me choose the gift
17.  My Father lets me choose my own future carrier
18.  The Shepherd lets his sheep graze in the meadow
19.  Never let her go, or you will regret forever


20. The woman made her daugther eat up the tomatoes
21.  The manager makes her staff work hard
22. My teacher make me do my homework
23. My teacher made me apologize for what I had said
24. Did she makes you wear that ugly hat?
25. Aldo make this radio work

Causative Passive


1.     I had my house renovated last week
2.    He had his book returned as soon as possible
3.    I had my jacket cleaned yesterday
4.    I had my computer fixed
5.    I have the speaker loaded
6.    Noah had he computer installed
7.    Farhan had the car painted in the garage
8.    We have our clothes cleaned at the dry-cleaned


9.    Novi got the money saved in the bank
10.  Gusty got his bedroom cleaned
11.   I got my sweater cleaned
12.  I got the window opened
13.  He got the book page found soon
14.  Sally got this room cleaned
15.  James got his car washed


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